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IXPAT.COM is an interactive platform for expatriate related classifieds and community profile listings. The project mainly targets international expatriates and english-speaking locals.

Life of international expats is dominated by mobility and flexibility. When arriving at a new destination usually an apartment needs to be rented, a stack of household items to be purchased and also a social environment to be established. On the other hand, when moving on to another city, a great amount of accumulated good stays behind that could easily be sold on to successor expatriates.

IXPAT.COM facilitates this process and serves as an easy-to-use communication interface for personal trading and connecting to others. The IXPAT.COM classifieds come in 16 categories and are subdivided in "offered" and "wanted" listings.

To promote direct interaction IXPAT.COM also offers an elaborate community module shared between related cities. Users can freely browse personal profile listings and also create their own.